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One of the less obvious but no less impressive ingredients in Weeds & Seeds, is plantain leaf! A weed you would know to see, it’s commonly found everywhere from your yard to coming up through the cracks in your driveway. One of the most popular traditional uses for this herb was to support lung health.


Plantain leaves are rich in mucilage, which exerts protective and demulcent activity on the respiratory tract. It moistens and coats the airways with a protective layer which reduces the irritation that causes a dry cough.


Plantain leaves are also high in immune boosting vitamins A and C, and the high tannin content imparts astringent properties which reduce inflammation and combat infection by depriving bacteria of nutrients. If this wasn’t impressive enough, the high mucilage content of plantain leaves, coupled with their anti-inflammatory properties make this wonderful herb for many digestive complaints. 

Plantain Leaf can be found in both Weeds & Seeds™ Classic and Weeds & Seeds™ Wild Berry blends! 

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